The subjects of my series are often simple, everyday moments. They may consist of a tree, a discarded photograph, the corner of the room or a faded memory. By looking at the mundane, I search beyond the familiar to see common human experiences. Through the use of various mediums including photography, sound, painting, encaustic and video I have been exploring these common human experiences. A reoccurring theme in my work is the transitory nature of identity and existence. Memories make up who we are, and once forgotten, our identity and its defining moments are lost. I currently work on my projects on a farm just outside Eugene, Oregon.

Selected  Exhibitions

2009        Pulled form the Ground Installation, Ogle Gallery, Portland, OR
2009        Athens International Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece
2009        Glastonbury Festival, London, England
2009        Siberia Show Three, Whirledart Cinema, London, England
2008        One Night Stand, ArtworkSF Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2007        Independent Exposure,  Microcinema International, San Francisco, CA
2007        Whisper screening, Red Vic Theater, San Francisco, CA
2007        Gallery Aferro Short Film Program, Aferro Gallery, Newark, NJ
2007        700IS Experimental Film and Video Festival, Egilsstadir, Iceland
2007        Experimental Film and Video Festival, Alsager Arts Center, Alsager, Iceland
2006        Forgotten series selected for inclusion in rental gallery, San Francisco Museum of
                 Modern Art Artist Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2002         Four Photographers,  Den,  San Francisco, CA
1998         Dividing Line,  SOMAR Gallery,  San Francisco, CA


2004         PDN – Photo District News – 2004 Photo Annual Official Selection
2004         PDN – Photo District News – 2004 PIX Digital Imaging Official Selection